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Against genital mutilation by my-little-account Against genital mutilation by my-little-account
Inspired by these stamps: . The mental gymnastics and scientific illiteracy you require to defend removing a baby's foreskin as this person does are just amazing.

Before anything, saying that if we are worried about children being circumcised we do not give a shit about starving children sounds like a bunch of guilt tripping bullshit and it is fallacious (I do not recall the name of the fallacy though).

Now, from what I care, there is no good reason to circumcise a kid. It is not proven to prevent diseases like STDs or cervical cancer at all, it reduces pleasure during sexual intercourse, there is a chance that they get meatal stenois, the procedure is usually painful (sometimes to the point anesthesia is not used) and it can also cause infection. And there are plenty reasons supported by the medical community to oppose doing this practice just for the hell of it.

In fact, Nordic countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland want to ban it and make it a human rights issue, which I find completely right.

The only reason you could have to circumcise your kid is because you want to do what your retarded religion says or because you only find the kids' penis beautiful without foreskin, but you do not give a rat's ass if they will like it or not.

The only good one would be a medical one like some sort of infection that requires removing it.

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February 24, 2014
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